Fashion hacks


Do you admire how some people can effortlessly fix unexpected fashion woes in just seconds? Want
to know how you can also make your life easy? Here are some essential tricks to help you out.

Do away with denim blues

Does your favourite skin-tight jeans cause discomfort with its zipper sliding down? Well, if you’re
sure that that is the perfect level of tightness you want, then here’s how you can keep the zipper in
its place.

Take a key ring and slide it into the zipper’s loop. After this, you need to loop in this key ring onto the
button of your jeans. And that’s all you need to do to save yourself the uneasiness and

Marker for bleach stains

Don’t throw away that jet black shirt just because it got a few bleach stains by mistake. Take out
your black permanent marker and repair those stains. Your shirt is ready to be worn, in a jiffy!

Goodbye to gums

Did you accidentally sit on a chewing gum that has now stuck on to your denim? Well, fret not – just
freeze that pesky gum using a few ice cubes first. It will be easier for you to scrape it off perfectly,
leaving no signs at all.

For gleaming white shoes

Now that wearing white canvas shoes is so much in vogue, here’s how you can keep them brand
new, even after weeklong use. Just use some toothpaste on an unused toothbrush and brush your
shoes gently and watch them sparkle.

Ditch the iron

Does ironing your clothes make you feel cranky? Why take the hassle, when you can easily dampen
your dress by sprinkling some water and then blow dry to get rid of the annoying creases!

Aren’t these hacks really simple? Well, now that you know them, give them a try and watch your
tricky fashion woes disappear.

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