Films, Cinema, Show-biz or other terms to call our Indian entertainment industries have proven nothing but the influence and massive growth in the market. Celebrities have become pioneers of the fashion front and influencers in maintaining them. Here are the few trends that didn’t disappoint us

1. One shoulder fall and flair.

Off-shoulders, cold-shoulder have made a mark in the fashion industry and one shoulder sleeved outfits are coming back. Inspired by the classic vintage looks, celebrities and their designers have never failed to play with colours, sleeve length and textures to stand out. This summer-spring, one-shoulder sleeves will speak style and elegance.

2. Chokers and chunk

You may argue that they aren’t trendy anymore. Forgetting that chunky accessories wrapped around your neck, with bohemian layering is back and it all comes with the chokers. Choker necklaces with printed sarees also revive the vintage and laid-back look you’ve loved.

3. Pajama Party

Comfort and fashion have become synonymous and hence pyjamas have made its way to our list and we would simply agree with the ideology and suggest that you glam yourself with a shiny top and funky makeup.

4. Suit Up

The monopoly over suits has too long been for men. Women at Bollywood and the Indian Film Industry have suited up. Going beyond the idea of equal pay, androgyny is a statement in itself. The tables have turned and women have poured a splash of pink too!

5. Denim and metallic chic

Denims. The marker of style in the 2000s still proves to be the most widely worn outfit by celebrities. They are soft, easy and stylish. However, by donning ripped jeans with chunky metallic jewelry and desi kurtas. Bollywood never ceases to surprise.

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