No matter how many dresses we have, we still buy new dresses. Whenever we see the dying days of one of our favourite dresses, we wish we bought one more dress exactly like that. New dresses give us confidence and freedom from seeing ourselves in the same outfit on the mirror, again and again. No one could give a perfect answer to the question, why are you buying dresses again? Forget about the logic behind it and remember the mode of shopping which has been dying for remembrance. Offline shopping it is. In a world (or a digital world) where we enjoy shopping online believing that it is a smart act, let us see the top 5 advantages of buying dresses offline.

1) It is more than buying dresses:

When ever you go directly to a shop for buying dresses, you will always have some company with you. No likes shopping alone. If you go shopping alone, whom would ask you if the new dress looks great on you? The sales executive? They would say great to whatever outfit that you try. This is one reason why people never go alone to buy dresses. You will end up buying dresses for the person who accompanies you. This might increase your spend but will gain you more friends.

2) Offline shopping rules when the outfit is outsized:

If you buy a dress online even after doing all the calculations with the size chart that gets displayed, you might still not find the dress fitting you perfectly. All you could do is return the item hoping that you would be refunded the amount that you spent on that dress. Everyone knows how much time would be taken for raising return and refund requests. On the other hand, every offline shop has a paradise called trial room, a place where you could feel more comfortable than being at home with all the mirrors around. Try one and abandon it the moment it doesn’t fit you or look good on you. This saves you from the need for a refund request. You could even leave the shop empty-handed. When you shop online and buy one dress, you will mostly be left only with empty pockets as refund is not entertained by many online stores.

3) Look good, feel good:

When you shop online, all many do are buy a dress that looks good. How do you know how your body would like that dress? Feel is something that can be realized only by wearing the dress. Everyone loves to taste a small portion of the food before it could be ordered. Almost every restaurant is against this policy. And, almost every clothing shop with a trial room in it are in favour of this policy. Feel how the dress is by wearing it, play with your imaginations, give the dress a role in it and stroll away if the dress doesn’t feel good on you. No online shop has accepted a return or refund request when the customer has mentioned the reason as, Somehow, the dress doesn’t feel good!

4) Offline shopping gives you real loyalty points:

Once you like a clothing store very much, visit it regularly. See how the personnel over there treat you. You will be given real loyalty points like more options, fresh arrivals, better discounts (if available) and most importantly, you might be even entertained for returns or exchanges just in case if you don’t like the dress for any reason it may be. Online shops also give you loyalty points which could help you buy a shirt or a skirt free of cost after a hundred years.

5) Real reviews can be heard:

Online shops have a lot of reviews which mostly are fake. When you visit an offline shop, you will immediately start hearing people talk about the dresses, returns might also happen in front of you making you understand better how good and reputed the shop and its materials are. You might have to secretly eavesdrop on the conversations that happen around you about the dresses though.

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