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Do you know the major difference between fashion and style?

Most of us are intuitive about the difference and assure the both are same. They are not actually the same but are parallel, they might seem to be the same but there is a minor line that differentiates them. Breaking the ice, here’s the difference; Fashion is what you choose to wear and style is how you carry it on you, it can also be termed as the grace that you impart to the attire.

There are infinite fashion freaks out in the market, irrespective of the age and profession. They are more into shopping and are obsessed with fashion, they always have the heart to redefine the fashion statements, experiment new and showcase that they are heads up with the trends.

The world around us is changing faster with technology, globalisation and to mention its social media that is impacting our day to day life. People evaluate you for what you wear rather than for what you are. This has willingly or unwillingly led us to invest more in our attires. Today’s generation is more competitive and is also influenced by the identification crisis, the identification crisis to look best compared to others, either it is a social gathering, college event or a family function.

All these have their own accountability in purchasing more and looking fresh for every event/occasion to make the heads turn around.

Indian Fashion Industry is also experiencing quite up in the graph since a couple of years all because we Indians love looking fantabulous and graceful for every occasion we step in.

There are people who can afford to hire their own designers to get the things done as per their requirements. But the majority can’t do that. This is the place, where we come in.

We understand that FASHION is one that constantly changes, to meet to the today’s requirements we always refresh our stock following the trends and preserving our tradition.

Come, visit us at your nearest store to have a look and fall in love with our widest range of lively collection from best of the brands.